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A quick inside on what we do
Luxury Car Sourcing
Want a vehicle that is not on the market and need help with sourcing & logistics? We have a team who can help you today. Click here
Body Shop & Accident repairs
We work with all major car insurance companies to help you get back on the road, All body and mechanical works are carried out with great care.
Repair & servicing
We have a team of mechanics with great experience and background working on various models of cars, call and book in to speak to an expert.
Vinyl Wrapping & Window Tinting
Have you car stand out with our inspired car wrapping and window tinting service, Its cheaper than painting and can change it when ever you feel like a new design, also a great way to protect the original paint work of the car.
Tuning & Modifications
Need more power? or seen an upgrade that you would like to add to you car? We have the right suppliers with great prices to get the parts in and fitted.
Restoration Projects
From interior, exterior to engines and body parts we can bring car back to it showroom standard with great help from our suppliers and team.

“To achieve anything, you must be prepared to dabble on the boundary of disaster”


Expert talk
Providing the best advise from a team of qualified and experienced people
We pride ourselves with the quality of the end product to deliver to you, but this is only possible with the great team at Pond and Sharman. We started off small but have grown rapidly by taking on experienced and qualified people from difference sectors of the market, the team enjoy interacting with clients and also make sure you feel comfortable with going ahead with job under their advice. If you need to talk and explain what your vision is for your project do come down and see us or call to arrange to speak to one of our specialists.
Clients Say
We smile when you smile
About us

We at Pond and Sharman are a custom automotive specialist with a team of specialist from various backgrounds of the industry which in return helps us to deliver great results. London based company working with various clients from around the world, we provide the up most tailored to client service.

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