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Adding more to your drive

Whether you are considering a basic remap for a few extra BHP or a complete tuning package, we can help.

Working closely with many major after market modification part suppliers we can  provideyou the extra power you want. At Pond and Sharman we have a range of stage upgrade packages to meet any car specification, the package very depending on what perfomance you are looking to gain these include exhaust upgrades, suspension, remap, air flow systems, turbos/Superchargers and Engine Add-ons

All work is carried out with only our hand picked specialists who come from experinced backgrouds so we can provide you the best, bring your car down to show you what we can do.

Tuned to more than your expectations

Performance Packages
Choose the power amount you want
Stage 1

  • Remap ECU System
  • Air intake upgrade
  • Engine flush

Stage 2

  • Performance ECU Remap
  • Brake & disk upgrade kit
  • Air Intake system
  • Engine Flush and parts cleaned

Stage 3

  • Perfomance ECU Remap
  • Brake & Disk upgrade kit
  • Performance Air intake
  • Exhaust system upgrade
  • Engine Flush and perfomance kit

Our perfomance packages are a great place to start your tuning project with us, but we dont just stop there. We can customise your perfomance package to meet or exceed you expectation, meet our team and bring your vehicle down so we can show you what is available on the market and how it will provide more to your car.

All upgrades are carried out by our own specialists who work very closely with all suppliers and trained on how to install the kits so we can provide the best.

  • Turbo & Supercharger Upgrades

  • Performance tyres and alloys

  • Brake pads and disks

  • Exhaust systems

  • Air Intakes

  • ECU Software Remaps

  • Perfomance transmission systems

About us

We at Pond and Sharman are a custom automotive specialist with a team of specialist from various backgrounds of the industry which in return helps us to deliver great results. London based company working with various clients from around the world, we provide the up most tailored to client service.

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